Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Buck Curran's 'Immortal Light' reviewed at Peghead Nation

Veteran KPFA Berekey DJ and writer Derk Richardson shares his thoughts on the vinyl edition of 'Immortal Light' via Peghead Nation! Out via ESP-Disk' and Obsolete Recordings. Happy New Year!
Review excerpt:
"One of the most sonically enveloping albums of 2016. Curran creates his spacious, slowly transmuting music by himself, multi-tracking acoustic and electric guitars, harmonium, flute, and banjo, singing through the ethereal fog on the songs “New Moontide,” “Seven Gardens to Your Shore,” and a timely cover of John Fogerty’s “Bad Moon Rising.” The CD version of Immortal Light is a beautiful thing—acoustic guitar notes crisp, spaces well defined, overall sonics crystal clear. But the vinyl edition is a revelation—palpably warmer, the edges of digital reproduction rounded off, the overtones fuller and richer, and the soundstage expanding in all directions to create an immersive listening experience in which it is easier to, perhaps impossible not to, become part of the music." - Derk Richardson/Peghead Nation

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