Sunday, December 21, 2003

Eric Garrison 's Curran OM

"I fell in love with it. It's a gorgeous instrument, and I am thoroughly enjoying getting to know it and learning from it."

I've been playing a Taylor jumbo (an 815) as my main performance instrument since the late Eighties, and I've spent all that time convinced, for a number of reasons, that the Jumbo was the best body size and style for me. So, I was a bit surprised to find myself bringing home the OM last summer. Holding it in my hands and playing it, the guitar felt so delicate in comparison to my old warhorse Taylor. I spent a couple of months with the OM before bringing it on a gig, and I was thoroughly smitten with it as a live performance instrument. I've since been using it on some studio stuff, and it's a truly wonderful all-round instrument with a lovely, full voice and a sweetly delicate feel. Thanks for creating such a wonderful instrument. I feel privileged to call it my own! Best, Eric Garrison