Sunday, November 25, 2018

The Thousand Incarnations of the Guitar

Very grateful to be included in this wonderful new article by Luca Salmini on contemporary guitar music The Thousand Incarnations of the Guitar Featuring: Marisa Anderson, Gwenifer Raymond, Elkhorn Music, Maurizio Abate, Roberto Menabò, Dylan Golden Aycock, and more....

Saturday, July 14, 2018

'Leaves Among the Ruins' (Dedicated to Jack Rose)

Just found this haunting video made with footage from Eastern Europe of my instrumental'Leaves Among the Ruins' (dedicated to Jack Rose) from Arborea's S/T album from 2008. And here's a live performance from Arborea's show in Paris, France from 2010

Tuesday, May 29, 2018

For Sale: Fender 1954 Master Built Stratocaster (2004)

For Sale:
Beautiful but interesting 50th Anniversary '54' Masterbuilt Stratocaster. The maple neck is made by Dennis Galuszka and Swamp Ash Body is by John Cruz. Pickups are Lollar 'Blonde' Strat. This guitar feels and sounds great (incredible feeling neck carve and a light, resonant, and comfortable body. Some fret wear, but plays perfectly. Plenty of checking, dings, worn areas, etc on the finish. Definitely a relic'd guitar. Callaham bridge and Brown Tolex Fender hardshell case. No COA but this is the real thing.  $2,490 (These guitars are normally ranging in price from $5,000 to $7,000). Message me for more info.  I have the guitar listed for sale @ Mercatino Musicale

Aquarium Drunkard Reviews 'Morning Haikus, Afternoon Ragas'

Jason P. Woodbury reviews 'Morning Haikus, Afternoon Ragas' for Aquarium Drunkard

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Asya Selyutina plays on a historic Stuaffer Guitar (1824)

Asya Selyutina performs a beautiful arrangement of Napoleon Coste Andante op.39 on a historic guitar made by Johann Georg Stauffer guitar (1824)

Asaya Selyutina performs Elegie (Johann Kasper Mertz)

 Asya Selyutina's emotive and gorgeous arrangement of Elegie by Johann Kaspar Mertz.

Friday, April 13, 2018

'Morning Haikus, Afternoon Ragas' by Buck Curran on Spotify

'Morning Haikus, Afternoon Ragas' (ESP-Disk/Obsolete Recordings) the new album by Buck Curran is now available on Spotify

Guitar Gorgeous Edition: Ezra Feinberg, Buck Curran, Gyan Riley @ JamBase

'Morning Haikus, Afternoon Ragas' included in this 'Gorgeous Guitars' edition at JamBase along with albums by Ezra Feinberg and Gyan Riley.

"The new record of solo guitar music from Buck Curran is called Morning Haikus, Afternoon Ragas and no words I could write could improve on such a poetic description of such poetic acoustic music. This is daytime guitar for early risers and daydreamers and those who just need a pause. Seventeen tracks of pure guitar music, some short improvisations interspersed with Curran’s compositions, lovingly crafted and beautifully delivered, the album is a single meditation. I think you’ll dig it". - Aaron Stein/JamBase

'Morning Haikus, Afternoon Ragas' @ Raven Sings The Blues

'Morning Haikus, Afternoon Ragas': The new album by Buck Curran reviewed at Raven Sings The Blues

"Guitarist Buck Curran, has woven his way deep into the folk and psych-folk worlds over the past decade. He’s best known for his work with Arborea, but just as instrumental is his organizing of the compilation Leaves of Life which included Devendra Banhart, Marissa Nadler and Alela Diane, and two Robbie Basho tributes that have helped to shed light on the vital artist in the past few years. He’s also given new life to live Basho recordings via his imprint Obsolete Recordings this year. In 2016 he broke out from Arborea to play solo works, though they leaned harder on the psych than the folk element. On his second solo outing he fully embraces his acoustic persona, drawing from a well of Takoma ‘60s and ‘70s inspirations, especially on the first side that plays out the full extent of the Afternoon Ragas referenced in the album’s title.
He blends the wandering psych troubadour influences and mournful guitar divinations with some electric rumble as the record ekes into the second side, and though Curran still pulls stark sadness from the strings he marries his fingerpicked heartache to a spectral blues form on “Taurus.” The clouds part on the wistful “Dirt Floor,” in no small part due to the lilting vocals from Adele Papparlardo. She injects bit of sun to the album’s largely overcast emotions, though it’s easy to see how someone invested in Basho’s legacy would run a thread of somber sincerity through their own works. A lovely collection for those interested in the aforementioned Takoma period or latter-day pickers like Chasney, Bishop or Rose. Curran’s crafted a record that easily slots itself on the shelf next to any of those three". Andy French/RSTB

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

'Morning Haikus, Afternoon Ragas' Pre-Order on iTunes

My forthcoming album 'Morning Haikus, Afternoon Ragas' is now available for Pre-order via iTunes Releases April 5th via Obsolete Recordings/ESP-Disk', distributed by Forced Exposure.
and at Bandcamp

Monday, January 22, 2018

Tablature for Acoustic Version of 'Sea of Polaris'

Full Score for the Acoustic Version of 'Sea of Polaris' from my forthcoming album 'Morning Haikus, Afternoon Ragas' out via ESP-Disk'/Obsolete Recordings 23 March 2018, Thanks so much to Adam Perlmutter for helping realize this tablature.