Wednesday, October 9, 2013

1983 Fender Telecaster 'Top Loader Bridge' Vintage Blonde (Sold)

All Original 1983 USA made 'Top Loader Bridge' Fender Telecaster in Vintage Blonde ser number E 318965 in Solid Condition with an absolutely gorgeous figured maple neck (the kind only seen on Custom Shop instruments). Same year and model that Jeff Buckley used on the albums 'Live at Sin-e' and 'Grace' (the serial number on his guitar was E 316334). 1983 (and some from 1984) is the only year to feature these these guitars are rare. This guitar has quite a few nicks, dings, and some patches of finish wear on the body and neck, a 12" fretboard radius...the neck is straight and the action is low, 'All Original' electronics and Pickups. Refret (Plecked) work done this past Summer at Joe Glaser's instrument repair shop in Nashville, TN. This guitar has some serious Mojo and one of the best shaped necks I've ever played...I absolutely love the 12" fretboard radius. The neck pickup is amazing! This guitar is definitely one of the best Telecasters I've ever played!  This guitar sold in October 2013.

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  1. Is this guitar still for sale? Please call Rob at 978.319.5073 or email