Monday, July 13, 2015

1935 Epiphone Olympic 'Masterbilt' Archtop

These guitars are incredibly rare and highly sought after. Measurements approximately: 13 5/8" across the lower bout, 8 1/4" waist , 10 1/2" upper bout. Body 19" long. Serial Number 8270. The top has quite a lot of hazel fichte (Bearclaw) figure in the lower bout. Light as a feather, Super Responsive, and a Sunburst Finish aged like Fine Bourbon! Neck Reset, One piece bridge (original bridge in case), Fretwork done by the very talented Hunter Allen at Glaser Instrument Repair in Nashville. This guitar is setup and plays like a dream. Glaser Instruments is renown for restoring and setting up David Rawlings 1935 Olympic. There's a wonderful profile with gorgeous photos on the 1935 Epiphone Olympic titled 'Oylmpic Glory' in the Summer 2010 issue (18) of the Fretboard Journal
Email me for details buck curran at gmail Photos by Buck Curran


  1. Hi! I was wondering if your 1935 Epiphone Olympic is for sale?

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  3. If you would ever be interested in selling this guitar let me know. I can be contacted at nikmonnin (at) gmail (dot) com